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Opioid Epidemic Leaving Many Children Homeless

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It is well known in law enforcement circles and within the government that some states being hit harder than others when it comes to the opioid epidemic. People in these state are dying in record numbers as a result of drug abuse, and those people are leaving children behind. In what is being called a “tragedy” by the Ohio State’s Attorney General Mike DeWine, there aren’t enough foster families to take in all of the children who have been left without parents.

As of the report, there were about 15,000 children in the Ohio foster care system. There are only about 7,200 foster families. In one county within the state, the need for foster families has risen by 30 percent from just seven years ago. Close to all of that county’s available foster homes are at capacity and cannot take in any more children.

Ohio is not alone. Statistics show that nearly every state is experiencing a surge in the need for foster families. Across the United States, there were nearly half a million children in foster care. Because those numbers were from 2015, it is expected that that number will be even higher for 2016 and 2017. Just in 2015, nearly 86,000 of the children in the system were there because of some sort of drug use or abuse on the part of their birth parents.

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