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7 Dimensions of Wellness: Part 2

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In the first part of our two-part article on the seven dimensions of wellness, we discussed social, emotional and physical wellness. In this installation, we will be discussing spiritual, environmental, occupational and intellectual wellness. 1. Spiritual Wellness Spiritual wellness is your ability to establish harmony in your life. It is the melding of values and […]

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7 Dimensions of Wellness: Part 1

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When people stop to consider “wellness,” they often think about the physical being. They think about health, illness and disease. What many may not consider is that there are seven dimensions of wellness that professionals believe to work in conjunction with one another. In this first part of a series, we will discuss physical, emotional […]

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Five Common Causes of Relapse

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People who are trying to deal with an addiction to drugs or alcohol are often fearful of relapsing. This is a fear that is based in reality. It is estimated that those who are battling an addiction will relapse in 40 to 60 percent of cases. Here are five common causes. 1. Stress Stress is […]

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Five Ways to Combat Relapse

Syringe and drugs with out of focus female drug addict sitting in the background

Battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol is a difficult, lifelong process. Many people are afraid that they will relapse and, in fact, some do. There are ways that you can avoid a relapse before it occurs and maintain your sobriety. 1. Change Your Social Circle One of the most common reasons for relapse is […]

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South Carolina Files Suit Against Purdue Pharma

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South Carolina filed a lawsuit against Purdue Pharma LP last week, becoming one more in a string of states that is seeking justice for the current opioid epidemic in the country. The state is accusing the pharmaceutical giant of deceptive marketing. The suit was filed in Richland County Court of Common Pleas in Columbia by […]

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