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President Declares Opioid Crisis an Emergency

Prescription painkillers, oxycodone, spilling from a bottle on a table with other bottles out of focus

On August 10, 2017, President Donald Trump officially declared the opioid crisis in America a national emergency. By declaring the crisis a national emergency, the President has opened the door for more resources to fight the epidemic. A statement released by the White House said, in part, “…President Donald J. Trump has instructed his Administration […]

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Study: Treating ADHD May Prevent Drug Abuse

Closeup portrait sad young woman, man and child with worried stressed face expression and brain melting into lines question marks interconnected. Obsessive compulsive, adhd, anxiety disorders

People of nearly all ages, professions and socioeconomic statuses have been trying for years to come up with a way to prevent drug abuse from ruining lives. A new study has shown that treating ADHD effectively could stop sufferers from turning to drugs. Research has shown that people with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder are more […]

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Opioids from a First-Person Perspective

Senior male doctor with stethoscope in medical scrubs and holding bottle and tablets of Oxycodone to illustrate opioid epidemic

A reporter recently wrote an article for the Tampa Bay Times chronicling his use of opioids following a kidney stone. David Klement describes his experience, in part, as follows: Klement developed kidney stones and was prescribed Hydrocodone. He was also administered OxyContin and a dose of morphine. All were given while the man was in […]

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From Addict to High School Graduate

graduation cap and Books step in Library room

A young man in Washington state recently walked across a stage, like any other teenager, to accept his high school diploma. The difference between the young man and his peers, is that his is something of a comeback story: from high school dropout to graduate, planning for college. What many people didn’t think would happen […]

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Gabapentin: New Drug of Abuse

Bottles of prescription medicine in a pile

Gabapentin, a sedative designed to help control nerve pain and epilepsy, is the newest drug to make headlines for being abused. Even though it is not a controlled substance or an opioid, it is estimated that the drug is being abused across the country. In some states, alerts have been issued regarding the drug’s misuse. […]

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